GEISTT delighted to welcome Martin Insulander to the team

May 25, 2016

We are delighted to welcome Martin Insulander to GEISTT AB, in the role as CTO and senior R&D consultant. Martin is a multi-faceted senior solution architect and system developer, with a holistic user-centered perspective. His work experience range from helicopter instructor responsibilities to IT requirements analysis and simulation development for various commercial and military aviation applications, including the Swedish Air Force Simulation Centre (FLSC) at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). Martin happily moves in the borderland between operational needs and IT solutions and he is passionate about development methodology, focused on agile and test-driven development. With his background in both IT and aviation, he has a rare combination of experience with the ability to “think outside the box”. Martin is also a successful IT entrepreneur, and one of the founders of Coredination AB.

Martin will take on the role as CTO and senior R&D consultant, which enables GEISTT to pursue commercialization opportunities and to offer wider range of specialized client services, including advanced software prototyping and development as well as adding software expertise to strategical consultancy services. Client efforts that Martin is initially supporting include GEISTT’s work with Scania on informing their decisions and directions of simulation-based design capabilities as well as the development of Automated Transport Systems (ATS).