November 28, 2017

This year at I/ITSEC, the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, GEISTT are participating in Pitch Technologies Inc. booth. We are demonstrating the use of the Unity game engine together with HLA (High Level Architecture) and web technology for high-availbility, light-weight, distributed simulation in the cloud.

The demonstrator, called SATE (Stress Adaptive Training Environment), is being developed as part of a research project for Office of Naval Research. SATE consists of a simulation of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles in a natural disaster response scenario, where the operator is monitored through bio-sensors and the challenge level of the training simulation is adapted based on assessed operator status and stress level compared to baseline values. The demonstrator also contains some novel concepts of human-swarm interaction.

If you’re at I/ITSEC, stop by the booth and see our technology in action!

GEISTT technology in the Pitch Technologies Inc. booth
GEISTT technology in the Pitch Technologies Inc. booth (center two screens)