Driver interaction simulation at Scania

March 23, 2020

Light-weight driver interaction simulator GEISTT is currently assisting Scania’s driver vehicle interaction group to increase its human in the loop simulation capability. By developing, deploying, and maintaining two simulators of various fidelity, Scania’s driver vehicle interaction group will be able to follow early HMI concepts from the moment they are envisioned, through various design iterations with real drivers to a more refined and verified state, all before the concept even is subjected to real world road trials. Some key features of the simulators are:

  • Haptic feedback of the entire simulator, including steering wheel
  • Multiplayer capability between various platforms, such as VR-simulators and control room
  • Multi-screen support with easy integration of new screens to the same simulation
  • Wireless support of any kind of future peripherals and buttons
  • Based on commercial game-engine to facilitate high performance and low development times
  • Supported by open source community
  • Ready for extensive user testing with biophysical recordings, for example eye tracking, EKG, HRV, all powered by Noldus Technology
  • Optimized both for rapid cycle development iterations and more extensive verifying user tests
Light-weight driver interaction simulator