Webinar on autonomous public transport - including break-out sessions

June 30, 2020

iQ Pilot & iQMobility 2016-2020 Today a webinar was held, summarizing findings from 2016-2020 in two research projects called iQ Pilot and iQ Mobility. The webinar showcases some work GEISTT has done for Scania and features, among a lot of fantastic individuals, our chief scientist Martin Castor in an interview and also Erik Strid acting the role of a control room operator in some video footage.

Watch the main webinar

2020-07-01: The webinar is now available for streaming

If you want to skip to the session which showcases most of GEISTT work, go to the chapter called Remote managament of Autonomous Fleet at about 38:00.

Watch session: remote management of autonomous fleets

2020-07-04: The break-out sessions are now published at the webinar link. A lot of interesting stuff in all sessions. More video footage on GEISTT work and explanations by Martin Castor in the session iQ Mobility session, Remote managament of Autonomous Fleet that starts at 1:05:00.

iQ Pilot & iQMobility 2016-2020

The research projects have been in collaboration between Scania, Ericsson, FFI, Örebro University, KTH, Init and Veoneer.