Delivery of a driving simulator software platform to Scania

April 29, 2022

Scania driving simulator

Based on the Unreal physics engine, featured with several additional bespoke components for hardware integration, multiplayer co-simulation capability, scenario and injects management, configuration management, and automated code testing, GEISTT has delivered a first complete driving simulator platform to Scania. Beta versions of the code has been used in several simulator tests during 2019-2021, testing different types of AD (autonomous driving) vehicles and new HMI concepts (Human Machine Interaction).

Since almost all truck AD and HMI development projects come with new requirements concerning back-end functionality, controls, and displays or scenarios, serious effort has been invested in providing an agile codebase for the simulator platform, supporting rapid design iterations. The simulator software platform can be deployed to different physical set-ups, such as the light-weight configuration presented in the image, but also to a desk-top version, a full physical cab version, or a VR headset version.

Scania driving simulator

Earlier version of the Scania driving simulator