Human-Swarm Interaction

February 07, 2023

As a part of the Swedish Armed Forces long-term R&D efforts, GEISTT were recently contracted by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to investigate the state of the science concerning Human-Swarm Interaction, about how a human operator should control a swarm of partly autonomous platforms (air, land, sea) to solve different types of missions. 

GEISTT will be leveraging research findings and theories from the wider human-centered automation field, and contextualize them to a few key scenarios where swarms would be feasible and advantageous from a tactical perspective, to further analyze and identify recommendations on how such swarms should be controlled. The results from this R&D pre-study will be delivered to FMV during the spring of 2023.

Human-Swarm Interaction Concept

Human Swarm Interaction HMI Concept (GEISTT)