Decision support for Intensive Care Units

February 08, 2023

Since a couple of months, GEISTT have the honor of supporting an R&D initiative at Getinge. The purpose of the project is to identify opportunities for supporting the workflow for personnel at intensive care units (ICU). This is a highly specialized profession providing care for critically ill patients requiring monitoring and assessment around the clock, with a high risk of life-threatening complications requiring advanced intervention at any given time.

Accurate, timely, and most often risky decisions are continuously made by the ICU team with the aim of keeping the patient stable or stabilizing the patient when deviating from the projected plan. Such decisions, and consequent actions, are based on the medical personnel’s experience on top of an incredible amount of data from various sources and coordination within the team. The cognitive demands on the personnel, with time-critical and live saving consequences, are more often than less tremendously challenging - under normal operations, day after day.

Working together with a tailored team of Getinge personnel, in collaboration with different care providers, GEISTT support the project with expertise on human cognition and behavior in complex environments, and methods for analyzing the needs, requirements, and potential solutions. The purpose is to identify and address opportunities for offering tailored decision support technology based on collaborations with different ICUs, aimed at reducing the burden on the personnel by offering the more timely and precise access to the most relevant sets of data for a specific patient at any given time.