Dr. Arne Norlander, MSc, PhD, LtCol Air Force (Ret.)

Consultant, NORSECON AB

Dr. Arne Norlander has over twenty-five years of experience as a leader and expert in strategic security, defence and government R&D, including positions as Staff Officer, Senior Scientist and Research Director at senior and executive levels in the Swedish Defence Research Agency and the Swedish Armed Forces Defence Staff.

Arne is an accomplished researcher, analyst, entrepreneur, author, and scholar, with more than seventy scientific publications. He lectures regularly on science, technology, and policy matters. His research in Cognitive Systems and Command and Control is internationally recognized; Dr. Norlander and his research fellows received the 2014 NATO Scientific Achievement Award.

Current research interests are: Cognitive Systems; Complex Adaptive Systems; Cyber-Physical Systems; Human-Technology-Organization; Artificial Intelligence; Cyber Security; Operational agility; Innovation and R&D management; Cognitive Warfare; International Security and Defence Policy. Arne serves regularly as Independent Research and Innovation Expert for the European Commission and the European Defence Agency, and has served continuously for over twenty years in NATO Research Task Groups. For three years he chaired the Swedish Security & Defence Industry Association R&D Committee, combined with a fellowship of the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries R&D Reference Group.

Arne holds Masters, Licentiate, and Doctoral degrees from Linköping University and diplomas in Strategic Leadership and Innovation Management from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is also a graduate in War Studies, National Security, Strategy and Leadership from the Swedish Defence University. View Arne Norlander's LinkedIn Profile