Mr. Erik Hellman

Subject Matter Specialist - Aviation

Erik Hellman is a professional pilot with extensive experience in the aviation sector, as a commercial pilot and with an extensive training record on several aircraft types. He has been educated in San Diego, United States, where he gained valuable insights into the condensed airspace in California, building great insight into airspace constructions and planning. After several years of experience flying the Boeing 737NG family in the continental Europe, Erik continued with intercontinental operations on the Boeing 787 and the Boeing 777. With expertise from several major commercial aviation companies, Erik has great knowledge of company procedures as well as cultures, implications, and applications of CRM in both high and low workload situations. With his combined knowledge of both theoretical and operational experience, Erik is a valuable resource in the aviation sector, with both the operative experience as well as the knowledge of policy and procedural applications in the commercial aviation sector, and his general understanding of human-system effectiveness under high-stake conditions speaks for itself. View Erik Hellman's LinkedIn Profile