Mr. Erik Strid

System Developer & UX Specialist

Erik Strid is a system developer and interaction designer with a highly user-centric perspective. His work is mainly on web-based Front End development and UX design with information visualization as a speciality. Projects include designing and developing a system that promotes a more sustainable use of energy at home using gamification, developing a collaborative mobile application for synchronising tasks and responsibilities, and exploring technical opportunities for the credit scoring industry under new regulations. In the area of computer graphics and visualization Erik has explored Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies for creating both gaming and learning experiences as well as visual analytics systems for research. While studying Media Technology at KTH his Master's Thesis was a participatory design study on visualizing simulations of heavy-duty vehicle platooning to support control systems researchers in analysing and understanding their data. Erik is also an active musician playing both historical and contemporary music on mostly obscure instruments. View Erik Strid's LinkedIn Profile