Mr. Kenth Standert

Subject Matter Expert – Nuclear Plants & Team Training

Mr. Kenth Standert has over 40 years of working experience from different positions in the nuclear power domain. This includes 10 years as an operator in the central control room (turbine and electrics) at the Ringhals AB power plant (RAB), followed by 10 years with RAB responsibility for training and education, primarily of control room operators.

Kenth then joined KSU (Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning), an organisation with the responsibility for training and education of nuclear plants personnell. During the first 10 years Kenth was part of the training instructor team for the full-scale control room simulator used for training and assessment of operator teams, followed by another 10 years focusing on methods & tools for training effectiveness including aspects such as training design and evaluation, as well as new technologies for enhancing learning experiences.

Throughout the years, Kenth has played a major role in delivering and developing training programs for continuous training of control room teams, designing programs for specific operator roles, and the development and design of full-scale simulations at KSU Ringhals. Both regarding practical simulation-based and on the job training as well as theoretical education, for key operator competencies such as operator fundamentals, safety culture, control room team work, and operational leadership.

Prior to retiring from KSU Ringhals, Kenth was part of an effort in collaboration between GEISTT-KSU Ringhals-RAB which utilised the existing SAT analyses to test and evaluate GEISTT’s methodology & digital solution for competency-based training and evaluation, CADDIE, for training evaluation and performance assessment of central control room operators. Thanks to Kenth and the rest of the team, the results were nothing short of success highlighting the needs of and push for continued application of competency-based methods & digital tools for observer-based assessment.