Mr. Linus Lindvall

System Developer & Software Architect

Linus Lindvall is a system developer whose main focus is on Simulation Driven Design. Having graduated as a game developer from Stockholm University, Linus sees real time rendering and game engines as powerful and versatile tools that can assist with simulating and evaluating user needs. With expertise in data science and 3D visualisation, and having previously studied multimedia & music, Linus sees himself as a generalist who is capable of adapting to any given situation. From year 2016-2018, Linus was a core member of the team that developed and upgraded Scania’s Driving Simulator. The work ranged from programming vehicle and pedestrian AI, creating believable driveable worlds, scripting events, implementing HMI concepts, developing Virtual Reality solutions, etc. In his free time, Linus likes to stay active and enjoys any outdoors activity such as climbing, fishing, skiing and kayaking. View Linus Lindvalls's LinkedIn Profile