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SVART IRIS project on IVA 100-list of 2023

May 10, 2023

IVA The SVART IRIS project proudly selected for inclusion on the IVA 100-list! The list was announced today by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), highlighting projects that are considered prime examples of Sweden-based research that provide practical and important contributions to societal development. The SVART IRIS project, funded by Trafikverket, focus on methodologies and tools for early phases of R&D and concept development, supported by targeted fidelity simulation, with applied cases from the air traffic control domain ...

Releasing our first open-source product: GEISTT Lab RTI

July 04, 2020

Today we are releasing the GEISTT Lab RTI as open source, under the permissive Apache License 2.0. The Lab RTI is a run-time infrastructure primarily for integrating simulators and HMI concept prototypes. Its design goals include minimal complexity, targeted fidelity, and saving time/cost on infrastructure in R&D projects. The intended audience is developers and simulation engineers. ...

GEISTT participates in a prestudy concerning human factors aspects of remote operations of highly automated road vehicles

May 19, 2020

Human factors experts from GEISTT have during the spring of 2020 together with Scania and RISE participated in a prestudy from the traffic safety competence center SAFER concerning the human factors aspects of remote operations of highly automated vehicles. Through a number of workshops with autonomous driving experts and a state of the art review, a set of research questions and directions for upcoming research projects were identified. ...


November 28, 2017

This year at I/ITSEC, the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, GEISTT are participating in Pitch Technologies Inc. booth. We are demonstrating the use of the Unity game engine together with HLA (High Level Architecture) and web technology for high-availbility, light-weight, distributed simulation in the cloud. ...