Forms of engagement of GEISTT capabilities include complete delivery of applied, basic research projects, expertise support to R&D projects within client and partner organizations, and strategic advisory consultancy. Our capabilities span an array of technical expertise, including:

  • Human-System Performance Assessment
    • Behavioural, cognitive, and psychophysiological methods, metrics, and tools
  • Training Effectiveness
    • Analysis, design, and evaluation
    • Simulation-based (virtual/constructive) and field training (live)
  • Simulation-Based Operations
    • Research and analysis
    • Concept development and experimentation
    • Design, modelling and development
    • Training
  • Operations Analysis & Research
  • Applied, basic human-systems research experimentation & analysis
    • Experimental design, data collection, analysis, reporting
    • Quantitative/qualitative methods
  • Needs & Requirements Analysis
    • Work/job & task analysis
    • Competency modelling
    • Training needs analysis
  • Human-Systems Integration (HSI)/Human Factors Integration (HFI)
  • Human-System Interaction
    • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
    • Human-automation collaboration
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