Innovative Human-Centered Technology

Throughout the years, the team behind GEISTT has been developing concepts (e.g. HMI, decision support) and niched software solutions (e.g. simulations and related tools) to enable or enhance service delivery in different projects. These software “tools” have always been in support of service delivery, primarily for internal utilisation, rather than actual product development intended for external clients beyond service delivery.

During the spring of 2023, the team behind GEISTT decided to ride on years of experience, both prior to founding GEISTT as well as thereafter, by establishing a sister company, developing specific software products and solutions on the mission to support Simulation-Based Operations – in support of GEISTT service provision, as well as external clients with similiar needs and purposes.

Inhumate was established in May 2023, and since then ramping up its operations, with products and solutions, including what was formerly known as “GEISTT Lab Suite”.

Welcome to visit our sister to take a look at their products and solutions for Simulation-Based Operations!