Welcome, Mr. Kenth Standert

September 30, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Kenth Standert is joining the team at GEISTT. Kenth brings over 40 years of experience from Swedish nuclear power plant operations at Ringhals, ranging from serving as an operator in the central control room to different positions addressing analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation of training & education of nuclear plant personnell.

Prior to retiring from his last position at KSU, with responsibility for new methods, tools and technologies for training effectiveness, Kenth worked with GEISTT and Ringhals AB on a methodology research project funded by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, SSM). The project explored opportunities and benefits of transferring methods & tools from other domains to training of nuclear plant operators. Thanks to Kenth and the rest of the team, the results were nothing short of success highlighting the needs and pushing the initiative of continued application of competency-based methods & digital tools for observer-based assessment.

Kenth will directly join the team taking on a human-centered R&D efforts in the field of nuclear power plant operations. First of all, he will strenghten the team taking on a methodology research project funded by SSM , which will study current challenges and future opportunities for accelerated learning, to further strenghten training effectiveness in the new era of Swedish nuclear plant development.

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